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U-Haul Rentals

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U-Haul Rentals in Evergreen, AL

Is there a move in your future? Rent a U-Haul truck today to make life easier.

As an official U-Haul dealer, Interstate Tire Pros can assist with your smallest and largest moving needs. We are the U-Haul rental truck source for customers in Evergreen, AL, Monroeville, AL, Andalusia, AL, and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on quickly matching you with the right rental vehicle.

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Choose Your U-Haul Vehicle

Get the perfect size vehicle at the perfect price. We have a wide selection of U-Haul trailers and trucks for rent. Let our friendly staff help you find just what you need. Whether you're a moving pro or renting for the first time, we're happy to assist. We have:

  • Pickup Trucks
  • Cargo Vans
  • Trailers
  • 10 ft trucks
  • 15 ft trucks
  • 20 ft trucks

Did you know we accept U-Haul rental returns on Sunday? We are a 24-hour dropoff point.

U-Haul Trailer Features

U-Haul Rentals in Monroeville, AL
  • Each trailer is lightweight, aerodynamic, and low profile for easy towing and better gas mileage.
  • Engineered a special Gentle-Ride Suspension to ensure a smooth ride.
  • Perfect for customers looking to transport equipment, household belongings, or other personal possessions.

U-Haul Truck Features

    U-Haul Rentals in Andalusia, AL
  • Towing capabilities to bring along a trailer of extra items or your vehicle.
  • Well-maintained with high visibility, airbags, seatbelts, and damage coverage.
  • Relatively easy to load with low decks designed for loading right from the house.
  • EZ-Load Ramp makes loading vehicles as easy as possible.
  • Engineered a special Gentle-Ride Suspension to ensure a smooth ride for your most delicate possessions.

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Planning is everything when it comes to U-Haul rentals. Finding the right size rental truck or trailer and scheduling that rental vehicle for the dates of your move are extremely important for hassle-free moving. We pride ourselves on matching your moving needs with the right U-Haul vehicle rental.

Let us provide you with a free quote on the perfect U-Haul vehicle moving solution.

Call (251) 578-2447 to make your reservation today.

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